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Investing in Your Livelihood

Building a thriving business environment means more than just having great products or services. It means investing in the systems that support your operations.

Audio-visual and lighting capabilities are a critical factor for attracting clients, impressing stakeholders, and improving collaboration.

At Platts Company, we understand the importance of AVL solutions that work seamlessly, day in and day out. That’s why we are dedicated to providing corporations and small businesses with the tools they need to succeed, regardless of size or industry.

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Commercial Audio-Visual Installations

Recognize These Problems with Your Technology?

Technology Failures

Outdated or unreliable AVL systems are crippling your business operations. Every malfunction not only halts productivity but also damages your credibility. Imagine the chaos and frustration that ensues when systems fail during critical moments.


Poorly integrated systems are bleeding your business dry. The constant struggle to make incompatible technologies work together drains valuable time and resources, diverting your focus from essential business functions. This inefficiency is a silent killer, eroding your competitive edge.

Frustration and Embarrassment

Repeated technical issues are leading to public humiliation and a severe lack of confidence. Picture the nightmare of a major presentation derailing due to technical glitches, leaving you red-faced and scrambling in front of clients or stakeholders.

Underutilization of Resources

A mismatch between your technology capabilities and business needs is choking your company’s growth. Instead of driving innovation, your resources are stuck in a never-ending cycle of underperformance, dragging your business into mediocrity.

Your Tech Should Empower, Not Hinder

Technology should enhance your business processes, but right now, it is sabotaging your success. Each day you rely on subpar systems, you fall further behind, jeopardizing your future. It’s not just an inconvenience — it’s a significant threat to your business’s viability.


Trust the Platts Company to Help You Improve Your Business Operations

We understand how frustrating it can be when technology disrupts your business operations.

With over 50 years of experience in providing custom AVL solutions, the Platts Company is your trusted partner. We have helped countless corporations and small businesses like yours overcome technological hurdles and achieve seamless communication.


Commercial Audio-Visual Installations

Conference Room Solutions

Create a space where ideas flourish and decisions are made with confidence. With advanced AVL solutions, you can integrate your technology and make every meeting count.

Commercial Audio-Visual Installations

Boardroom Applications

Enhance the professionalism and functionality of your boardroom with cutting-edge technology. Ensure every presentation is impactful and every discussion is clear.

Commercial Audio-Visual Installations

Hybrid Meeting Capabilities

Bridge the gap between remote and in-person teams with solutions perfect for hybrid meetings. Our technology ensures a cohesive meeting experience, no matter where your team is located.

Commercial Audio-Visual Installations

Team Collaboration Tools

Make every meeting more efficient with AVL technology that ensures you are equipped to handle everything from small team huddles to large corporate gatherings.

Commercial Audio-Visual Installations

Training Room Solutions

Equip your training spaces with tools tailored to foster interactive learning and engagement.

Commercial Audio-Visual Installations

Audio Systems

Get high-quality audio systems that help you improve clarity and engagement. Experience the difference that superior sound can make in your workplace.

Experience the Platts Difference

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Your Custom Needs

During our consultation, we’ll meet with your team to understand your current situation and determine your needs. Our strategic approach ensures that your solution meets your specific needs and exceeds your highest expectations.

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Design & Install Your
Comprehensive Solution

Our team of highly-skilled engineers and technicians get to work, charting the best path forward for your organization. We guarantee to deliver on our promise with a prompt, professional, and complete AVL solution.

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Maintain & Support Your
Competitive Edge

With your new, customized, comprehensive AVL system from the Platts Company, your organization will be empowered to maintain its cutting edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our AVL solutions are designed to enhance your business operations by improving communication, collaboration, and presentation capabilities. Whether you need a state-of-the-art video conferencing system, high-quality audio equipment, or integrated lighting solutions, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring increased efficiency and professionalism.

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Our advanced AVL systems are beneficial for a wide range of businesses, including corporate offices, local businesses, and innovative startups, large and small. Any business that values effective communication, engaging presentations, and streamlined operations can see significant improvements with our customized AVL solutions.

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At Platts Company, we prioritize user-friendly design. Our AVL systems come with intuitive controls and interfaces that make it easy for your team to operate. We also provide ongoing support to ensure your team feels confident using the new technology.

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