Classroom AV Technology Solutions

How can audiovisual technology redefine the classroom, making learning an engaging and dynamic experience? With over 50 years of industry experience, we are a leader in AVL (Audio, Visual, Lighting) solutions for K-12 and higher educational institutions throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. If you want to enhance student engagement, promote adaptability, and future-proof your AVL systems, we’ll bring our expertise and customized solutions to the table.

The transformative power of audio and video for schools is not just about adopting the latest gadgets; it’s about creating an engaging and dynamic learning environment that meets the needs and expectations of today’s students. Platts Company is ready to lead the way and offer the attentive service, consultation, and guidance you need to move forward with confidence.

The Problem with Outdated Classroom Tech

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Without the implementation of the latest AVL solutions, your educational institution may face a myriad of challenges that hinder the full realization of students’ academic goals. The traditional chalk-and-board approach, while once effective, is now insufficient to meet the demands of the modern classroom. These challenges often result in decreased student engagement, hindering the overall learning experience.

The shift towards hybrid and virtual learning models has introduced additional complexities. Institutions not equipped with the latest AVL solutions may struggle to integrate remote and in-person learning, creating disparities in educational experiences for students in different settings. Furthermore, outdated systems may lack the adaptability required for dynamic teaching methods, leaving educators frustrated with limitations rather than inspired by the possibilities.Do you know you need to improve your classrooms’ AVL technology but are unsure of the best path forward? Platts Company has an in-depth understanding of these challenges and offers tailored AVL solutions to address your school’s specific needs.

Our Classroom AV Technology Solutions

By partnering with Platts Company, your educational institution can overcome issues related to inadequate or outdated AV technology. In addition to connecting you with equipment, we craft cohesive systems that align with your institution’s objectives. Our audio, visual, and lighting systems elevate every lesson, ensuring educators have the tools to captivate and communicate effectively.

Digital Display Boards

Empower educators with the latest in interactive technology through our Digital Display Board solutions. These digital whiteboards transcend traditional teaching methods, offering a collaborative platform where lessons come to life. The Platts Company integrates these touchscreen displays seamlessly into your classrooms, providing educators with dynamic tools for visualizing concepts and engaging students in an enriching learning environment.

Classroom Sound Systems

We prioritize creating an environment where every student can engage with the curriculum and enjoy an inclusive and supportive learning atmosphere. With in-ceiling or on-wall speakers from the Platts Company, you can rest assured that your students can clearly hear their teachers. Additionally, with classroom microphones, students with hearing impairments will be able to hear their teacher and classmates. 

Hybrid & Virtual Learning

Platts Company specializes in creating hybrid classrooms that seamlessly integrate in-person and virtual learning experiences. As remote instruction continues to play a prominent role, our expertise in hybrid classroom design ensures an equitable education for both in-person and online students. We bridge the gap between physical and virtual classrooms, fostering a cohesive learning environment.

Benefits of Platts Company’s Classroom AV Systems

Our commitment to excellence goes further than product selection and design. Platts Company’s solutions unlock several benefits for educational institutions:

1. Increased Student Engagement

Replace passive learning with active learning and participation. Our AVL solutions, including Smart Boards and projectors, create a learning environment that captures students’ attention and encourages engagement. Your educators will be able to facilitate a focused learning environment to connect with students effectively, while minimizing distractions and promoting concentration.

2. Improved Learning Experience

Enhance the student learning experience through active learning strategies. Classroom AV systems, featuring interactive whiteboards and dynamic audiovisual equipment, encourage students not only to receive knowledge but to actively engage with it by presenting their own ideas in class. This approach fosters a more participatory and dynamic learning environment.

3. Adaptability

In the rapidly changing world of education, adaptability is key. Platts Company’s classroom AV systems are designed to adapt seamlessly to changing educational methodologies, ensuring your institution stays at the forefront of innovation and active learning.

4. Efficiency and Ease of Use for Teachers

Simplify and optimize the teaching process with user-friendly AVL systems. Platts Company designs solutions with educators in mind, promoting efficiency and ease of use, allowing teachers to focus on what they do best—educating.

5. Scalability

Experience the flexibility to start your AV journey at your own pace. Platts Company understands that budget considerations may vary, and our classroom AV solutions are scalable to accommodate your institution’s specific needs. Whether you begin with a basic setup or opt for more advanced features, our systems allow you to start immediately and scale up over time. This scalability ensures that your institution can evolve its AV capabilities gradually, aligning with changing requirements and technological advancements.

6. Effective AVL Planning for the Future

Anticipate the future of education with AVL systems that stand the test of time. Platts Company ensures your investment is future-proof, incorporating technologies that can evolve with the ever-changing educational landscape.

Why Choose Platts Company for Your Classroom AV Solutions

Choosing Platts Company as your AVL provider means embracing a partnership that goes beyond conventional vendor-client dynamics. We strive to serve as trusted consultants and advisers, bringing deep expertise to every facet of your classroom AVL journey.

At Platts Company, we are driven by the top technological solutions and understand the significant impact they can have on your educational institution. Our mission is to save you from the hassles and frustrations of outdated and ineffective technology, empowering your school’s educators and curriculum to be seen and heard in a way that resonates with students.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over five decades, Platts Company stands as a reliable partner with a visionary outlook, inspiring you and your staff to envision a brighter future for your institution. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technology, embodying the spirit of champions in discovery and innovation. Like you, we are never satisfied with the status quo.