In the heart of legal proceedings, your courtroom is a place where precision, efficiency, and convenience are non-negotiable. How can AV technology meet the demands of this critical space? Platts Company, with over 50 years of expertise, is redefining the landscape of courtroom technology in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Let our expert AV designers partner with your courtroom to understand your needs and challenges and address them with custom designed AV systems.

The Problem with Outdated Courtroom AV Systems

Is your courtroom facing the challenge of selecting AV solutions that meet functionality and seamlessly integrate into the fabric of your legal proceedings?

Unreliable Audio and Video

One primary challenge of technology for courtroom proceedings lies in unreliable audio and video systems that stand in the way of effective presentation of evidence. In many cases, evidence must be both seen and heard. Outdated speakers and video systems may lead to misunderstandings in sound or video recordings, jeopardizing the clarity and accuracy essential for fair legal processes.

Inadequate Remote Proceedings

As court proceedings increasingly involve participants from remote locations, your courtroom must create an experience that feels like a face-to-face meeting. The latest video conferencing and teleconferencing systems from the Platts Company ensure your courtroom’s seamless communication with remote parties. These systems facilitate virtual arraignment and post-arraignment release hearings and contribute to the security of defendants and witnesses held in more secure locations.

Compatibility Issues with Legacy Systems Integration

Many courtrooms still struggle with legacy systems that require integration with modern AV solutions. The challenge arises when attempting to add new AV equipment to older hardware and software within annual budget constraints. Compatibility issues can surface, even when dealing with equipment from the same manufacturer, and become more complex with varying manufacturers. The Platts Company’s expertise ensures a smooth transition and interface between old and new systems, preserving a consistent user experience. 

Our Courtroom AV Solutions

The Platts Company stands as your strategic, reliable partner in overcoming the challenges your courtroom is facing. Our team ensures your custom AV solutions facilitate the administration of justice. Because we have an in-depth understanding of the complexity of the modern legal landscape, we tailor AV systems to meet the unique challenges your courtroom faces. 

Here are some key components and features of courtroom AV systems from the Platts Company:

Video Display and Presentation

Helping you achieve a flawless evidence review process, our systems offer state-of-the-art video display and presentation capabilities, allowing for clear and accurate depiction of evidence. 

Audio Solutions

From microphones to speakers and recording equipment, our audio solutions are meticulously designed to capture every nuance of your court proceedings. Crystal-clear, glitch-free audio is a cornerstone of effective communication in the courtroom.

Virtual Arraignment

In the modern courtroom, the ability to conduct virtual or hybrid arraignment proceedings has become increasingly important. With this in mind, we understand you can’t afford to have inconsistencies in how your AV systems operate; they must work right every time.

When you choose the Platts Company, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind to pursue justice freely without the inhibition of your technology holding you back. 

Why Choose Platts for your Courtoom AV?

Through expert product selection, custom design-build services, installation, and service, The Platts Company is ready to help your courtroom experience the full benefits of a modern courtroom AV system. 

Here’s how we can help:

Enhanced Remote Participation

The Platts Company’s courtroom AV ystems facilitate remote participation, breaking down geographical barriers and enabling key stakeholders to be part of proceedings from anywhere. This feature ensures legal professionals, witnesses, and other relevant parties can contribute with ease, enhancing the overall efficiency of the legal process.


Our AV systems prioritize accessibility, offering a user-friendly interface to guarantee all participants can engage effortlessly. The Platts Company’s commitment to accessibility extends to providing solutions that comply with the highest standards of inclusivity. We ensure your courtroom tech does not create barriers in legal proceedings.

Ease of Use and Control

Navigating the complexities of courtroom technology should be intuitive. The Platts Company’s custom design facilitates ease of use and control. Promoting operational ease is a cornerstone of our approach. A top goal is to empower legal professionals to focus on the court proceedings instead of spending time dealing with tech-related challenges.

Ensure Fairness in Proceedings

At the Platts Company, we are dedicated to courtroom AV system design that promotes clarity and fairness in legal proceedings. By providing reliable, accessible, and efficient technology, we contribute to creating an environment where you can serve justice equitably. 

Why Choose The Platts Company for Your Courtroom AV

In choosing Platts Company for your courtroom AV systems, you are not just hiring an AV technology provider; you are partnering with trusted consultants and advisors who understand the unique demands of courtrooms and legal proceedings. With an eye for innovation, top-level technical capabilities, and a dedication to transformation, we empower clients to move beyond outdated and ineffective technology to find ideal solutions and consistent processes that ensure optimal outcomes for all parties involved.

Is it time to modernize and enhance your courtroom audiovisual experience? We welcome you to turn to the reliable team at Platts Company to explore the best options for your courtroom AV systems. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on a journey where technology transforms the way justice is served in your courtroom.