AV Tech for Sports Venues

Is your sports venue audio, visual, and lighting (AVL) technology delivering an exciting, immersive experience for your fans and attendees? Are the stadium scoreboard and arena audiovisual components up to par, delivering an unforgettable experience for fans? At Platts Company, we understand the vital role AVL technology plays in creating an electrifying atmosphere at sports venues. 

As the trusted AVL solutions provider for high school, college, and university sports venues throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, we bring over 50 years of experience to the table. Elevate your game, enhance the fan experience, and become a cutting-edge force in your industry with Platts Company as your AVL partner.

The Problem with Outdated AV Technology for Your Sports Venue

Neglecting to invest in updated AVL technology for your sports venue poses significant risks that can impact both the athlete and fan experience. In the competitive landscape of sports, where every detail matters, overlooking the importance of advanced AVL solutions can result in missed opportunities and subpar engagement.

  • Loss of Audience Engagement: Without a sophisticated AV system, your venue may struggle to create the engaging atmosphere that keeps spectators invested in the game. Poor audio quality, outdated scoreboards, or lackluster visuals can lead to a disengaged audience, diminishing the overall appeal of your sports venue.
  • Negative Impact on Athlete Recruitment: Top-tier athletes are drawn to venues that not only offer state-of-the-art training facilities but also provide an exceptional game-day experience. Outdated AV technology can make your sports venue less appealing to potential recruits, affecting your ability to attract and retain top talent.
  • Limitations on Venue Versatility: The absence of proper AV technology may limit your venue’s versatility in hosting various events. Modern sports venues are expected to offer multifunctional spaces. Without the right AVL solutions, your venue may struggle to adapt to the diverse needs of different events, hindering revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Technical Glitches and Interruptions: Technical issues during events due to outdated AV equipment, such as inconsistent audio, malfunctioning scoreboards, or poor visibility on video displays, can lead to a disruptive and frustrating experience for both athletes and fans. Such disruptions tarnish the reputation of your sports venue and impact the overall enjoyment of the game.

To mitigate these risks, investing in the Platts Company’s AVL technology ensures that your sports venue remains at the forefront of innovation. Our solutions enhance fan engagement, attract top athletes, and provide the flexibility needed for hosting diverse events. 

Our Sports Venue Technology Solutions

Whether it’s a high school stadium sound system or a university stadium LED scoreboard, we possess the know-how to make your venue look and sound its best. Let us tailor our AVL solutions to ensure all patrons visiting your venue leave impressed and excited. 

Here are the AVL solutions we can design, customize, and implement for your sports venue:


Platts Company specializes in providing state-of-the-art broadcasting solutions for sports venues. Whether you need to capture and broadcast live games, interviews, or events, our sports venue technology ensures that your stadium or arena is equipped with the latest broadcasting capabilities. From camera systems to streaming solutions, we have the expertise to deliver seamless broadcasting experiences.

LED Walls

Transform the visual experience for your audience with Platts Company’s LED wall solutions. Whether for displaying live game footage, dynamic visuals, or engaging advertisements, our LED walls deliver vibrant and captivating images and video. With customizable configurations, we tailor LED walls to suit the specific needs and layout of your sports venue.

Audio Systems – Audio Control & Speakers

Platts Company ensures that your sports venue’s audio systems are of the highest quality. Our AVL technology covers audio control and stadium speaker solutions, creating a surround sound experience that immerses fans in the excitement of the game. Whether designing a robust audio infrastructure or installing premium stadium speakers, we deliver superior audio solutions for sports venues.

Benefits of Platts Company’s AV Tech for Sports Venues

Platts Company goes beyond providing exceptional products; we unlock a range of benefits for sports venues through our expertise in product selection, custom design, installation, and attentive service.

1. Audience Engagement

Make the fans feel like they are truly part of the game with Platts Company’s stadium audiovisual solutions. From crystal-clear audio through a stadium sound system to dynamic visuals, our solutions create an atmosphere that captivates and energizes the crowd.

2. Space Flexibility for a Variety of Events

Platts Company’s AVL solutions offer sports venues the flexibility to host a variety of events with top efficiency and effectiveness. We will adapt our solutions to meet the diverse needs of various events, including sports games, graduations, concerts, and other entertainment.

3. Amplified Fan Experience

Elevate the fan experience with Platts Company’s AVL technology that ensures every moment is thrilling and memorable. From LED video boards to superior stadium sound systems, our solutions contribute to a fan-friendly environment that keeps patrons coming back for more.

4. Cutting Edge Professional Image

Stay at the forefront of the sports industry with Platts Company’s advanced AVL technology. Enhance athlete recruitment by showcasing your venue’s top-notch facilities and create a gameday .

Why Choose Platts Company for Your Sports Venue AV Technology?

Selecting the right audiovisual technology partner is essential in turning your sports venue into a top-tier space for both athletes and fans. Platts Company stands out as a trusted, highly experienced AVL solutions provider offering a unique blend of technical expertise, innovation, reliability, and customized solutions.

  • Expert Consultation and Advisement: At Platts Company, we don’t just provide products; we serve as trusted consultants and advisers. Our team is comprised of experts in the field who understand the intricate needs of sports venues. We leverage our deep expertise to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your AVL solutions align with your venue’s goals and vision.
  • Driven by Transformation: We are committed to transforming your sports venue by saving you from outdated and ineffective technology. Platts Company is dedicated to empowering you to be seen and heard in the competitive world of high school, college, and university sports. With our depth of knowledge and experience, we act as a strategic partner, bringing your aspirations to life and inspiring a brighter future for your venue.
  • Champions of Discovery and Innovation: Staying ahead of technological advancements is ingrained in our approach. Platts Company is at the forefront of innovation, constantly exploring the latest technologies to ensure you have the best of the best. By championing discovery and embracing innovation, we help your sports venue to set new standards in the industry.
  • Beyond Hardware Solutions: Platts Company’s offerings extend beyond providing hardware. We are committed to delivering solutions that bridge technology gaps, fulfill unmet needs, and drive overall innovation in your sports venue. As problem solvers and visionaries, we attract clients seeking partners who go beyond conventional solutions, promoting operational ease and enriching the overall experience for both athletes and spectators.

Promote the operational ease of your sports venue and elevate the fan experience by choosing Platts Company as your AVL technology partner. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore the ideal custom options for transforming your sports venue into a state-of-the-art entertainment destination.

Are you ready to level up your sports venue AV technology? Schedule a consultation with the friendly team of experts at Platts Company to get started.